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Has anyone heard of Nurse Self Contracting? Saw an add with no further explanation. Is it pool nursing or what?

Greetings- Yes, there are nurses who are self employed. Some are sub-contractors with State agencies and others contract specific skills with area physicians, clinics or hospitals, (and a myriad other options, I am sure).

Some nurses do not contract; they work within their communities providing specialized or basic services for a fee for service. There are many ways for nurses to employ themselves autonomously, but not all nurses are geared for this type of employment. It takes courage and a certainty that the service provided is something that is needed and necessary in the public sector and will prevail over a long period of time. It means putting one foot in front of the other and marching to a different drummer altogether. It is not for the shy or for the faint of heart.

Self employment is a viable way to gain some part time work for the nurse. In America, any citizen with a marketable skill has the potential to employ themselves as owners of their own business complete with their own business name and their own design for a way of working that works for them. It amazes me that nurses continue to wonder about self employment for themselves as if they need permission from the Great Boss of Nurses to do so.

Your local chapter of the Small Business Association should be able to answer questions about how to set up your own business and there are online sites which can help, too.

As long as a nurse is working within the scope of her/his State's nurse practice act and as long as a nurse has current professional , there is no reason why they cannot participate in the employment of self and begin to experience what it is like to be fully responsible for their own living, keeping their wages in their own pockets and learning how to define their own worth and on their own terms.

Over a number of years, I have developed my business into a Nursing Partnership and it pleases me that we can shoulder our Professional responsibilities and make a reasonable living without enduring the angst and paranoia so prevelent in other arenas of employment these days.

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