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Selecting a travel nurse company

by Rapeze Rapeze (New) New

I have been a travel RN since 2007 and have undertaken approx. 8 assignments across the US from NY to CA. I have enjoyed travel nursing my speciality was chemotherapy and I have had some great experiences. AYA healthcare based in San Diego were very good and found me some really great facilities to work as a travel nurse. Be careful about how the contract is organized, because the hourly pay rate can be affected by the housing that is offered, how much tax is to be paid, the cheaper they can get your housing seems to increase your hourly rate. housing really and truly isn't really free, some companies will charge you a furnishing package, depending on what you want in the one bedroom apartment eg bed, sofa, table, may cost you, then if you wanted bedding, kitchenware (cutlery, pots and pans) are all extra, be careful you may end up forking-out a monthly package to set you apartment up, also some companies will charge you a utilites bill eg $125 per month for electric,water maybe gas. So be very enquiring about what you will have to pay out on a monthly basis.