Select Specialty Hospital Interview


So I have an interview at select specialty hospital in kansas city in 2 weeks. I've applied on their website and I got a call the very next day. I'm really nervous. I've graduated in 2013 and has been out of the nursing field since then. I've recently become a permanent resident and this is my first job interview for a nursing position. I don't have any experience which is why I jumped on the chance in applying for their RN Internship with 13 weeks of orientation and training. I've read some mixed things about SSH. Has anyone here ever worked for them? Any advice? I'm trying to review some procedures that I know LTACH offers just to sort of refresh myself but honestly I'm really rusty.


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Not familiar with your particular facility, but the select in my city has a pretty hard patient load typically. Or so I have heard. A newer nurse said to me she had some scarier nights (managing a transfusion reaction without help from more experienced nurses) but that she learned a ton. I dont think she had a residency with them. Another nurse I know works there prn without complaint. She has been a nurse for a while.

I am glad they have an extended orientation period for new nurses. A lot of their patients have a lot of chronic conditions that need complex management. Take advantage of the training and I am sure you'll be fine.

Good morning tindera! I am a new grad and I have an interview next week with Select in Kansas City. How was the process for you? Any feedback will help please and thank you🙏🏾