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Hi Everyone,

I recently applied to Select Medical Connections a travel agency based in BC, Canada. They are recruiting New Grads in several states in the US. Has anyone worked for Select Medical Connections and what are your experiences? I could only find one thread on here dated back in 2007 so I thought I would re open the discussion. Please share if you have any information on this company. Thank you!

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A new grad working as a travel nurse is a malpractice lawsuit waiting to happen.


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I guess I wasn't specific in my post. The company is a travel agency, however they also recruit nurses for permanent positions. They are recruiting new grads for permanent positions in the US( California, New York, Arizona) They are not hiring new grads as travel nurses!

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Is this how Select defines permanent? Permanent : Many of our clients have been able to retain our nurses permanently after having them work through us on a temporary (travel nursing) contract (copied from their website)

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I have friends who have worked with Select recently and I considered working with them. The application is extensive and a minimum of 2 years of solid nursing experience is required.

Perhaps something has changed, but I wonder if you are truly informed, OP, or if you are just looking at their website?


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Hi All,

Select Medical Connections primarily deals with travel nursing in Canada, and yes you need experience nursing for this. Sometimes the travel assignments can lead to permanent positions.

There are also opportunities for permanent placements for new grads in the US, which are totally separate from the travel nursing positions in Canada.

Hope this helps!

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