seeking refresher course/resources

by thekid Member

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any refresher courses, online credit units, etc to help get me up to speed with inpatient psychiatric nursing?

I have worked in case management the last few years so our nurse role blends with the social workers as we help with assessments, referrals, community sources, discharge planning, housing, etc.

But I've been out of the hospital/inpatient role for some time now, My new employer is aware of this and they do offer orientation but in the meantime before I start, I was hoping to brush up on whatever I can to best prepare for hospital work again. I'm well versed in diagnoses, medications, crisis intervention, etc.

Are there any online classes or books that I can check out (related to nursing care).

Any info is appreciated. I've done some google searching and have completed CEU classes but I'm hoping for something more hospital related.