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Seeking Peds advice..


Hello all. I just recently transferred to a primary clinic from a different type of clinic were I rarely dealt with ped patients. I was just looking for some advice and guidance from some experienced nurses out there. I am also a newer nurse (licensed last year). I am scared to death to give some ped immunizations. I don't mind giving to adolescents but, I have never given to toddlers. Is there a certain technique you use? Do you try to distract them somehow or have Mom/Dad console them? Does the same technique apply to lead screenings? Also as far as vitals go, I had asked the other nurses what ages you stop listening to apical HR and when to stop measuring HC. They weren't sure how to answer and couldn't give me a real answer. Any tips there? My provider said age 5 and up get a BP. Any other tips and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

With each age the technique varies for me, 3 year and up tend to listen better and right when i am ready to give the injection, I tell them they can cry or scream if they need to, but must hold still so I dont have to repeat it. Of course me and another are providing restraint for legs and arms . I like to let them sit in moms lap, or sometimes in mine. I ask them to blow hard and it will help. I get it done quick and then give lots of praise, band aids and suckers. I tell the it will hurt for not for long. I find 6 year olds tougher, some of them will flat out panic. Don't ask a six year old to remove their underwear, they have a fear of castration....really.

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I work in acute care, so my answers may not be completely applicable to your situation. But...I count apical heart rate on every patient regardless of age. My facility's policy is to measure HC for all patients under age 2. I rarely give immunizations, but I do give plenty of other injections. I just have the parent hold the patient, position for comfort, soothing talk, and treats afterward!