Seeking FNP preceptors in the bay area

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Hello nursing community,

I am a current RN and FNP student at Samuel Merritt University. I am in the process of seeking provider preceptors in the bay area for Fall 2022, Spring 2023, and Summer 2023. If you are a provider in the bay area, it is likely my school already has a contract or could make a contract with your office. I have a background in med-surg nursing and aesthetic nursing, and I am seeking placement in a primary care or specialty setting. If you are interested or willing to take me on as a FNP student during one of these semesters please reply to this post!


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Why isn’t your school providing preceptors for you? Local CSUs in the Bay Area charge a fraction of what Samuel Merritt charges in tuition and provide their students placement. Let your school know you pay tuition for a reason. 

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