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i am a new graduate rn seeking my first nursing position. i have much life experience, worked in social services for over 8 years, and have a master's in public administration. i was surprised to be interviewed for a staff development position. the reason i was told i was being interviewed for the job was my previous education and work experience. my thinking is that it is a wonderful opportunity; yet, i have no real hands on patient care experience except for nursing schools clinical. i am wondering how this might affect me in the future should this job not work out. i would appreciate any advice or feedback.

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I strongly recommend NOT taking the job. The staff is unlikely to take you seriously as a teacher of nursing unless you have actually practiced as a nurse for a while. Other nursing staff development instructors may also not accept you.

My hospital hired a person in a staff development role with only a tiny bit of nursing experience (over the objections of the rest of the staff development staff) -- and it was a disaster. Like you, she had experience in other, relevant things ... but she didn't have any NURSING credibility.

To teach successfully, you will probably need credibility as well as a "working" knowledge of the subject matter you are trying to teach. Without some experience as a nurse, you won't have either -- unless, of course, you would not be expected to teach nursing.

I hate to say "never," because there are exceptions for almost every rule. But I think the cards would be stacked against you.

You're smart to have your doubts. Your instincts are right to question it. I wonder about the intelligence of the employer who is offering you the position. I wouldn't work for someone with such poor judgment.

Good luck. I wish you the best with whatever you decide.

do you know exactly what your job description is? I admit I don't,but sounds like they are hiring you for your other degrees, not your nursing abilities; If so ,why did you go to nursing school, (if you won;t be using it much? ) educate me on this ,please sue

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