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new at this so please have patience. i'm been laid off from a job that i held for 29 years, in engineering. i have a 20 year old daughter who was born with spina bifida, which i have taken care of. my daughter's mom moved out 7 years ago and for a few years i was on my own. re-married and my wife and i with the help of ips manage my daughters needs. my question is this. i was told by my daughter's case manager that i may want to consider a career in the heath care. with all of the things i have to do, trach care, g-tube feeding and cathing i have a good start. i'm very interested in this, yet i don't know what to do. engineering jobs are very hard to find and i do have a love for taking care of people. schooling is an option, yet i do need to put bread on the table. i was told to apply for an ip number, can you help and get my lpn at night.




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I would think engineering jobs would be just as plentiful as nursing. Maybe you need to relocate. My husband is an engineer and has never had difficulty finding a job.

If you enjoy the care you give your daughter, outside of the fact that she is your daughter, then you may enjoy healthcare, but any career that pays well is going to take minimum 2 years of schooling.



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Go for it! Good for you. You have a degree already, so most of your gen-ed classes will be out of the way. You can probably get the program completeed in 18-24 months. Do NOT get your LPN licence! You must be an RN. It takes such little extra effort and the pay is so much better. LPNs get a bad rap. The LPNs I work with are certainly as good or better nurses than I am but they get less respect, benefits, and money.

What the heck is an IP number?

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