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Seeking CRNA advice

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 I am interested in CRNA school. I did an accelerated BSN and have a total of 3yrs as a post-op surgical nurse and as an oncology nurse. Prior to doing the accelerated BSN, I was in grad school with 2credits left to complete. It was a non-relevant grad degree in healthcare management (to CRNA school at least I’m aware it’s not relevant). Recently I have been floated in the ICU due to covid19 as a support RN and while everyone else was sapping around & venting about being floated there, I actually loved it and kept asking to be sent there again whenever there’s a need. I am a person who tends to look at life as it comes and embrace what is thrown my way, try to see the positive in it and work with it. Due to this ICU floating experience, my thoughts on possibly pursuing CRNA school have resurged once again, even though I always tried to suppress it in the back of my mind.

In the ICU, I loved the challenge, I loved the lack of nonsensical small talk because people were actually busy and working on & monitoring things that were critical to patients lives. I had already applied to FNP school before covid started (not that I really wanted to do it but it was convenient honestly, I had a set weekend contract schedule & the hospital paid 90% of the tuition even though the taxes would still hit me in the end). After the floating, I applied to the ICU and I recently interviewed for CVICU at the university hospital that I currently work at. I have also been accepted into the FNP school I applied to (it takes 3yrs). In light of my thoughts now I have researched the CRNA school I’d like to attend for their 3yr DNP route & set a mind print on their requirements. I am in my early 30s, don’t have kids, not planning on it due to circumstantial inability to have any and I have a very supportive  fiancé. I am just seeking advice.

What do you think about the journey to CRNA school? How is the actual schooling? What advice would you give someone like me who is thinking of pursuing this route? What should I expect? Inspite of the rave on online searches, how is the job market? Do you ever regret going to CRNA school? Is it boring? (as I’ve seen stated on some reddit reviews- few however). Why do you love being a CRNA? I.e what are the pros & cons?

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