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Seeking CPNE study partner!!!!

If there is anyone in the immediate Southeast Georgia area, in need of a cpne study partner, please send me a private email. I am thirty min. away from Brunswick, Ga., and thirty min. north of Jacksonville, Fl.. Thank you. :rolleyes:


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have you seen the facebook page? if you have a fb account, search cpne and it's the first one that pops up (there's only 2 pages, the other is lynn's workshop page). some of the students have been posting pics and videos, discussions and what not there. it's turning into a pretty good resource. not monitored by faculty though, so if you ask questions, you may want to verify answers. and don't forget to post on the epn also, you never know who you might find there! i'm in central missouri, so i won't be much help where you are, but we can always bounce ideas off each other here! when do you test?


Thank you for that great suggestion. I took your advice and joined. I have even found some lost family members. thanks.


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Hi I live in Flagler County Florida - it is about an hour south of Jacksonville. I do most of my studying on the EPN and on the facebook site - "Let's Conquer the CPNE Beast Together" I also have a blog - LPN to RN. I write all of my study material there. It seems if I read it and write it I tend to retain the info longer and better. I have a lot of links and resources so when I am not home I can still access my study material without dragging all of the books. Vickie


Thank you for your response. I am sorry to hear that you were unsucessful on your first attempt. Have you attended a workshop? If so, which one? Also, have you read the study guide? Do you have the critical elements flashcards from Excelsior? Do you have Rob's mnemonics? These are things that I could think of that might help.. As far as teaming up, it is probably about two hours away from my house. But if you want to meet half way then that would be great! I am still learning my way around face book. I just joined today. Send me your personal email or phone, and we can go from there. Thanks again for responding.


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