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Second week of work...


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...and I already had to switch Sunday for Tuesday so I could be off for my sonogram. I am 20 weeks pregnant (yes, great way to start my nursing career..). My first sonogram showed some possible complication (low fluid) and now I have to ask to get off of work by 2:45p instead of the usual 3:30p on Friday. I am aware that the baby comes first but I am so afraid on what this is going to look like to the managers. Let's face it, some people just do not care about such personal issues. I am also worried about the low fluid; my first pregnancy I had this problem too and was put on bed rest for the last half of my pregnancy. But I had a job I had been at and had short term disability..

I have 85 more days until I qualify for short term here. And I am loving this job and want to make a good impression and I'm worried about my little one.. what a mess. :banghead:


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All you can really do is try to impress them an then hope they see value in seeing you trough this. You may be surprised. Some employers (as you are aware) are not very supportive of these kind of issues. But some are. You just need to do your best. Show hard work and dedication and give them a reason to want to keep you. Did you disclose the pregnancy to them right away? Not saying you had to since that's up to you, but if they were aware when they hired you, then they knew you missing some time was inevitable. Also, employers out a lot of money into new hires. Especially new grad new hires. They won't want to waste that money and just dump you without first seeing if you have some value to them first.

GL and congrats on your pregnancy!

I think the best way to look at this is to think about what this will mean to you in 10 years, 20 years? A healthy baby trumps any job and any situation! Step back and see the priceless gift of your baby. Jobs and work come and go..... Congratulations!!!!