Second Interview for CCU?


Okay, so I'm curious what people think...I've been looking HIGH and LOW for a job that will consider a new grad...After doing three telephone interviews, I was offered an IMC/Med-Surg position at one hospital, and the CCU unit at another hospital wants me to appear in the flesh for an interview...I am thrilled to death to be offered the IMC/Med-Surg position, but I do want to see what will happen with the second interview. Would they bother wasting my time or theirs if they weren't seriously considering me?!? Comments, thoughts, two cents please!! ;-)

When do you need to accept the med surg position versus when is the CCU interview? Which unit do you prefer? It wouldn't hurt to do the interview and see if they offer you a job, but not if you have to immediately turn down a guaranteed job offer that you are "thrilled" about for only a maybe.


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I ran into the same situation when I graduated from nursing school. I would see if you can go to the interview in the CCU; after the interview ask when you should expec to hear back and let them know that you have an offer already but would prefer to take the position in the CCU if you were considered (you don't have to mention where / what unit / etc, just that you have an offer). In the end I was able to get an answer that day from my second interview so I could make a decision.

Good luck, you're in a position that not many new grads get to be in....