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Second chance?

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College round one was really rough for me (cancer, sick family members, working full time, 2 transfers because of the 08 crash) and I ended up having to just stop completely after 5 semesters. My GPA was a 2.5 by the time I stopped, and I had only completed 1 science course (kept not transferring!) which will have to be retaken (expired!) 

It’s been a decade, I’m in a better place now and ready to go back and pursue nursing. Is there hope for someone like me to get In to nursing school? I know it’s very competitive. I am very disciplined and a hard worker. My college experience before was horrid and my grades did not reflect my capabilities. The 1 semester that I had that was not crazy I made straight A’s. 

I want to do this no matter what. It’s my dream to be a nurse and i will find a way even if it means being an LPN first and doing a bridge program. It’s just daunting seeing how much I have to make up for and knowing that my past experiences could hold me back on an application. Any advice or encouragement? 

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