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my Search for FNP Online Program


I was set to start the FNP Program in May 18 at South University. I was already accepted in the program, all my classes scheduled to start, finance aid, and all until 2 days ago, i got an email that they no longer offer the FNP Program for NV Residents. My heart is broken and now my search for FNP program begins.

i applied at South University, because a couple of my friends did the program here and i felt that it is quite manageable. unfortunately, they started to not offer the program to Nevada Residents.

Will you guys help me find the best FNP Program that will best suit me?

I am looking to apply at different FNP Schools, and noticed that there is a wide range of program in the market based on your area of interest and noticed too that there is such a wide range of tuition rates? Does it really matter where i get my FNP degree?

Sorry for the disappointment..Arghh waste of your time.I am from the state over you working at a magnet teaching hospital and let me tell you everyone and their mother is in FNP/NP school.Those who went to more respected/well known schools and state schools seem to have gotten better jobs and quicker but its more about networking?I know a nurse who still works bedside and went to University of Phoenix cannot get a job to save her life I am not saying there is a correlation but maybe???

A couple of schools i got from this board and previous posts include-University of South Alabama,University of Cincinnati,Walden University..All online with few visits on campus and relatively priced.


thank you! I appreciate your feedback!

I am still stressing over the fact that I am once again in search for school!

USA and USC and UNLV are the ones I might try to get to. as much as i would like to start now,

schooling will likely be postponed for 1 year if i don't get in to any programs.