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Okay...so complete randomness, BUT what types of scrubs & styles do you like?

I've recently gained some weight, :( , & am having a hard time finding scrubs. I'm short (5'1") & 'chubby' now.

Thanks for your help with my randomness.

NicuGal, MSN, RN

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I always liked Cherokee and I think they have short. The ones with the elastic in the back and drawstring in the front. Now we wear hospital ones that are either way to big or fit like my Spanx lol


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I like the Cherokee Flexibles. Stretchy and comfy. Also like urbane ultimates

melmarie23, MSN, RN

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Grey's anatomy. Cherokee Flexibles.

Hi, this comment isn't really pertaining to this post specifically but I was wondering if you'd private message me and answer some questions I have about working in the NICU?

I love the Bio (Bring it On) scrubs. I'm short (5'2" on a good day ;) ) and their 29" inseam (petite) fits perfectly with Danskos. The 28" length for Koi and some others gets too short after a few trips through the wash. I'm borderline chubby I guess and carry all the weight in my thighs and think these are pretty flattering. I wear an 8 in normal clothes and get a medium in these. The mediums are loose but the smalls are a little too snug around my thighs. I get the cargo style because I carry my pens, sheets, etc in that cargo pocket. I have about 6 pairs and the ones I've had for close to a year are still fine - not worn out at all.

BIO Scrubs Petite Cargo Pant, Petite Scrubs & Short Scrub Pants