Scope of practice in ND?

U.S.A. North Dakota


Hi everyone, I am working for the Bureau of Education Services and Applied Research at UND, we are sending out a survey to NPs in a convention/conference later this month (you might even be there!) Before we send out the surveys, we'd like to get more information on your scope of practice. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated! :)

Are you required to practice with a collaborative agreement? If so, how often do you consult with a physician? What circumstances require consultation?

What is your scope of practice, and does this involve frustrating limitations?

Does an NP in rural areas play a different role than an NP in urban areas?

Do you ever feel unsure or cautious while prescribing to a patient? Do you feel your education has provided you with ample knowledge on prescription drugs? Do you prescribe controlled substances often?

How does knowledge of a patient's prescription drug history (controlled substances prescribed, number of physicians s/he sees or has seen, number of pharmacists dispensing, etc) help inform patient care?

Do you often see patients with pain?

Do you use the Prescription Drug Monitoring Service? If so, for what purpose? how does the information contained in a patient report help improve patient care? Do you think this service may be more helpful to NPs due to limited prescription zones?

Are you concerned of possible legal sanctions or being investigated for your prescribing habits? Has your knowledge of the Prescription Drug Monitoring program affected the medications you prescribe to your patients?

What are considerable aspects of patient care that the NP is more likely to focus on than a physician or any other person in the medical field?

Thank you for your time!

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