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Schools That Do NOT Require The TEAS Exam (NYC)

by Anne Taurus Anne Taurus (New) New Student

Hello Nurses!

I am a medical assistant and I want to become a nurse and acquire my BSN. When I took my TEAS exam, I failed the first time and I am very nervous to do it the second time. My weakness is mathematics and math was the only part in the test that caused me to fail. 

I have tried to look for schools (CUNY and Private Colleges) that do not require the TEAS in order to be enrolled. 

Are there any nurses in the NYC area that went through a similar problem like me? Which college/university did you go to in the city that didn't require the TEAS? What do you recommend I should do?

(I have tried LIU, but the school is very expensive and I don't want to be six figures in student loan debt.)

St. Francis College in Brooklyn 

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