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Schools in Northern/Smaller towns - Experience?


After a lot of debating, my partner and I are thinking of moving to Quesnel/Prince George/Terrace for school. I like the idea of a smaller school - we already live in a small town and like it a lot.

For anyone who went to school in a smaller town, how did you like it? More 1-on-1 attention? Less stressful?

Hi Haedis,

I'm from the Sudbury - North Bay area of Ontario and am currently enrolled in Canadore College RPN Program in North Bay. I choose to do January intake and am in Second Semester currently. I have to say even in this smaller community I noticed a huge difference in class size just between September and January intake. The one on one time I have with my teachers and lab technicians is exactly why I'm so thankful I have less classmates and more time to get all my answers answered. I definitely feel like I'm getting my money worth for schooling when teachers post grades within hours of tests, answer emails in a very prompt fashion and always have time between classes and breaks to answer questions. The difference between September (semester 1) and January (semester 2) is almost double, if not triple, the amount of students even in a small town like where I live. My current class is only 27 students (and was only 29 last semester)

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much!