School's near Orlando or Cocoa


I plan on moving to Florida for nursing school so that I can be closer to my grandfather to help him with everyday tasks. He lives in Orlando (by Conway) and I would like to be close to him, preferably not more than an hour away. UCF would be ideal (it's 10 minutes from his house) but I've read they are terribly hard to get in to. I used to be an art major before I switched to pre-nursing and ruined my GPA pretty bad for various reasons. I moved away from the people who were bringing me down and have done well at my new school the last 3 semesters. That being said, I'm hoping to find a BSN program that looks more at prereq grades than overall GPA. I will be done with all prereq's at the end of the Fall '10 semester.

I'm not sure how to go about searching for schools since I don't know anyone down here, so ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

*and I include Cocoa because my uncle has a place there that I can stay. He also has one in Jacksonville, so any schools in Jacksonville would work too, but that's pretty far away, so not ideal--but an option :]


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Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences is a private college affiliated with the Big Florida Hospital (Adventist) in Orlando. The school is about 10 minutes from Conway (much closer than UCF actually).

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Let me second the vote for Florida Hospital's program - it is top-rate. There's also Valencia.

Have you tried searching for all programs in the area?

Good luck!