School recommendations ( for transferees)


Im a nursing student from Arellano University. Im supposed to be on my 3rd year already but they didnt let me enroll because of my back subject, which is Anatomy & Physiology. I was about to transfer to another school but then things got worse cuz we found out that my mother has cancer and she has to undergo chemotherapy, which left us really broke. I chose not to enroll for the semester and decided to look for a job ( call center agent). Of course my mom was really disappointed, so i promised her that ill enroll next school year. And my aunt's willing to help me with my tuition fee. Now, im looking for nursing schools around Quezon City/ City of Manila who accepts transferees and will credit my subjects. I was thinking about PWU- QC, i already went there and they gave me a copy of their curriculum. They actually have a lot of religion subjects. But PWU is a trimestral school, so i guess ill be able to graduate within 1 1/2 years. Next would be Kester Grant College along Quezon Ave.. And Philippine Rehabilitation Institute.. Please give me feedbacks about these schools. I really wanna graduate by 2010. Thanks =)

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