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Hi :) After many years I am finally stopping making excuses and going for nursing school...I hope!! :) Anyways I do have an issue... the full time and part time programs around here do not work very well for my schedule. I have two kids and not alot of help. I am married.. but my husband works alot and wouldn't be home in time for me to make it to the part time program.. I do have family and friends but they all, or most of them ,work as well and some do have rotating schedules but there is not one person that I can rely on consistantly. There is a friend of mine that doesnt work and she is GREAT with my kids but she has three young ones of her own so I wouldnt want to have her HAVE to watch mine regularly..??

I am wondering if any of you have taken all the classes that you can from the nursing program before getting into the program??.. obviously except the "nursing classes".. Like if I took A&P1 and 2. Chemistry 1 and 2. english.Psychology.sociology. Microbiology. human growth and development. algebra... and whatever else there is before actually starting the nursing program??? If I did that my hours of being in the specific program would be much shorter right?? and I can just take those classes as I am able to now.. right? Have any of you done it like this? I know that this will take alot longer.. but thats okay if it works! Atleast I will be headed in the direction I want to go!! :)

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Actually most programs you graduate with the class you came in with, there was no moving forward quickly at least not at my school. I graduated from a BSN program but before I went there I had already done all my prereqs and general eduation at community college. Good Luck!

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oops.. I meant.. the time I spend in school each day will be shorter if I already have taken all pre reqs and general classes that I can take without being enrolled in the program... I didn't mean I could graduate sooner.. but I could just take nursing classes rather than everything else they have listed for each semester so my night would be shorter than those taking the full program at once..?

I took almost all of my prereqs the year before I actually entered the nursing program. So instead of taking 16 or 17 hours each semester it was more like 8 or 9. I think starting with your prereqs now is a good way to get started and spread out the demands on your time.

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