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School/Program Confusion! Please Help Me!

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hello there!

i have wanted to become a nurse for the last 7 years. i have made the decision to go to school, and i am very excited about having the opportunity to realize this dream. but i want to do it right.

i am hoping to get some sound advice regarding where and how to begin my nursing education. i think my goal is to earn my lvn, and then go back to school to get my rn, but i am really confused how to go about doing this. i have gotten a lot of different advice regarding this. here are some examples:

1) get your lvn from an rop/adult school, start working, and the facility you work for will offer you some kind of tuition reimbursement so that you can get your asn.

2) take out student loans, go to an accredited private school for 39 months, and graduate with your bsn. (a hospital will hire you because you have a bsn, and you won't have to go through the whole "lottery" system that you have to do at a community college.).

3) get your cna, and work at least one shift a week while you are going to school for lvn. (that way, you will get a job upon graduation).

4) volunteer 2 shifts a week at a hospital while going to get your lvn, to increase your chances of workig in a hospital setting upon graduation.

my head is spinning, lol!! seriously!! i know all of these people who have given me advice mean well, but which one is giving me the best advice? please help me:heartbeat

thank you! :bow:

If you want to become an LVN, then go to school to be an LVN......

Here are the flaws I see with your options:

#1- be careful which vocational school u attend. If they're not accredited, then your credits will not transfer over to the community college/university system, and you won't be able to apply those units towards your ADN or BSN. Basically you'd be starting all over.

#2- Don't necessarily have to go to a private school....I applied to CSU-San Marcos and got in on the first shot for their generic BSN program. Also just because you have a BSN, it doesn't mean the hospitals WILL hire you.....there are many other factors involved.

#3 & #4 Working at an institution will not guarantee a job when you graduate. Nursing school is hard enough without having to focus on jobs or volunteering....if you don't have to work during school, then don't.....focus all that energy and time towards your studies, it'll definitely pay off in the end.

I definitely commend you on doing your research before you decide on a specific course....I didn't really do any research and applied to nursing school on a whim, and was lucky enough to both be accepted, and end up loving it.....Good luck to ya whatever u decide


Muchas gracias for your reply..... I will not work during school; and I will investigate ROP/Adult school further.....:nuke:

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