Working as "health service nurse"- urgent advice needed

  1. I recently became a nursing supervisor at a group home in IL, excited as I have tons of experience in psych nursing and management. Along with this role I have also taken on duties as a health service nurse at the school on the campus. I don't mind that, it's more direct care nursing which I am fine with.

    The issue is the district CSN (cert. school nurse) hardly comes in as she's supposed to. The district apparently backs her up in regards to this. The district expects me to develop IEPs, etc. Except I have the district handbook for that role and legally it appears I cannot as that is not in my scope of practice as I don't have the Type 73 cert. required in IL for a CSN. The liason I spoke with today, who was quite rude upon first meeting me, stated I needed to do this stuff and "it's in the contract" etc. Also, they want me to complete these IEPs and have the district sign off on it.

    Please note this is a therapeutic day school on the campus of the group home so CPS governs it but apparently doesn't supply the staff?

    I don't know if anyone has experience with this or anything. Maybe I got royally screwed in this new job but I am not losing my nursing license over this. Any advice would be appreciated.

    I plan to have a meeting next week with the school administrator but the previous nurse (temp) stated that they don't listen and apparently back down to CPS without thought of how it affects the nurse and licensing.
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