Work, Clinicals & Preceptorship in the same hospital! Help!

  1. I work, do clinicals and precept in the same hospital. I love my job, clinicals are okay and precepting is wonderful, but I find that the people with which I work think that I know more than I actually do. I am a 4th semester (soon to graduate) student in an ADN program. I don't think that I am stupid, but I feel as though the "nurses" expect me to know more than I do. I work as a CNA on the floor two days a week. During this time, I am not a student, I have CNA cares and responsibilities to attend. The nurses on the floor, as well as other students think I am so "smart" and can do or answer a battery of questions. I feel as though it is important for me to only know what is necessary for my job as a CNA during these hours. I do not have the time to look through charts and research things. When I tell the nurses that I am "just a CNA today", they look at me like I am crazy. But I can't keep on all the facts on everything. Can anyone think of any ideas for me to use to make others understand that I need this time to what I need to get done?
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