what experience is most helpful for school nursing

  1. I have worked in pediatrics for 8 yrs in a hospital setting (1 yr in ICU and ther other 7 in intermediate care and cardiology). I am interested in being a school nurse and wonder what experience would be most helpful me to obtain while waiting for a school nurse job opening? I contacted the county I live in about substitute school nursing, but they said they don't use subs. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   bergren
    Your experience is ideal. The ablility to conduct pediatric assessment and experience enough to be comfortable with the independence are needed.

    Camp nursing is a good prep, public health, immunization clinics, you could also ask if they accept volunteers for screenings etc. Some prinicpals are dazzled by ER experience.

    Why don't they have subs? Do they have extra school nurses who can leave a desk job to cover you or are you just never allowed to be sick? I left a position because I could never get a day off. I was actually pretty content with every other aspect of the position - pay, workload, commute, technology support, team work, etc....