Tool for assessment of quality of screening tests.

  1. I have developed a tool for assessment of quality of screening tests.
    This tool has been found to be useful for the assessment of various tests carried out in school health and MCH clinics.
    The tool facilitates the teaching of screening to different levels of nursing personnel, facilites summarizing of data from the individual nurses practice up to larger administrative areas.

    I would like to publish this tool and request suggestions as to the appropriate jounal.
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  3. by   TrudyBentleyRech
    I am new to this Board, but in researching today, I found the National Association of School Nurses, Inc and e-mailed a request about this organization to:
    Perhaps they publish a journal. There are some good meta directories for websearches and there is always Medline to help you find journals that could carry your work. If you need a hand on how to do this, I am always researching something online...feel free to e-mail me back, off the Board. I have a friend who is an editor for two Lippincott journals and will ask her also. Please post where your work gets published, because I would love to read it!

    Trudy Bentley Rech, BSN, RN