Too many headaches for middle school students?

  1. I am a middle school nurse who is going back to school for my BSN. A project we are currently involved in is using this site for gaining information on a particular subject. My question is, "Have school nurses seen an increase of absentee class time due to headaches"? My practicum thesis hypothesizes that students are increasingly going to the nurse for headache treatement. I live in western New York State where school nurses may not give any OTC medications to students without both a parent permission and a physician's order. It has, in my view, reduced the amount of headache visits of students that just want to get out of class and really do not have a serious headache. So it has weeded out the serious migraine type headaches from the stress related types. If any school nurses have an opinion, I'd be happy to reply! Besides, it would help me out with this assignment...
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  3. by   Jeanine
    In NJ, a nurse also needs an MD's order to dispense OTC's for headaches. I currently have 35 such orders. Of these 35 students, I only see 3 regularly (3-5X's/month) for meds. Some students come down to call home for a parent to come in with ASA, APAP, or NSAID'S. The rest of my 811 students get a glass of H2O, a snack if they haven't had breakfast, and are out of class a total of about 5 minutes. The only exception to this rule is if the student is in band, PE, choir, or woodshop. I will usually let them stay with me for the duration of these classes because of the volume of noise they would have to tolerate (which can be miserable if they really do have a headache). Plus, most students don't want to miss these classes. I currently have 3 students who have serious migraine headaches and have been worked up to rule out any other pathology. These students are given carte blanche to come down and get medication/rest. They are very conscientous about making up missed work!
    With my computer charting program, I am easily able to see if a student is always down at the same time of day or month and am able to call home with that info. to see if there is something going on in school or medically (hormones, weather, etc.).
  4. by   sweens1205
    Dehydration is a frequent problem that results in headaches.
    I give water and a glove filled with warm water to head and send them back to class, usually cured!