School Nurse Role Delineation Study

  1. Your input would be invaluable in identifying the myriad of services that school nurses provide across all types of school nurse settings.

    The NBCSN is conducting a role delineation study. The purpose is to ensure that the national certification test content for our accurately reflects the roles and responsibilities in the current practice of the subspecialty. Your participation in this process is important and we hope you will help NBCSN by completing a survey.

    The survey is electronic, and may take approximately 60 minutes, however, should you need to stop at any point and continue at a later time, you may do so.

    Thank you for your valuable input and taking the time to complete the survey.
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  3. by   edgwow
    I took the deliniation study. I am aregistered nurse in a special education school in NJ and I work as a second nurse under a nurse that has the certification of School Nurse, required in this state. Betty
  4. by   bergren
    Thanks! I did it and it took about 20 - 25 minutes. We really appreciate everyone's input.
  5. by   bergren
    Thanks to the 195 people who have helped the National Board for the Certification of School Nurses (NBCSN) in the Role Delineation study.

    Another 200 started the survey and did not finish. Please if you can, go back and take up where you left off.

    Others, those nationally certified, and those not, please consider assisting us delineate the role of the school nurse. The responses to this survey will assist the NBCSN design the exam to best match what we do. Please do forward the survey to those who might be willing to respond, nurses in your district, your state listservs.


    We were told to tell people it could take an hour to complete. it took me 25 minutes. Thanks so much for assisting.