School Districts....let's hear it!

  1. Give me the in's and out's of your School District and how you are supported in your actions -- for instance, is it you and the District against the Parent (so to speak) where the District supports you in your opinions and decisions to request documention etc., or are the parent's point of view more widely accepted and you are always underminded and ultimately a dismissed party for lack of better words? This also leads into -- are you given a medical representative within the District to report to and concur with? Or is this bestowed upon someone with an Administrative role? How is the reporting handled or do you just 'go it alone'? You get the gist -- give me the good; the bad and the ugly! I will chime in later but I'm just wondering and incredibly curious the differences (or possible similarities) there are in School District's across the Nation.
  2. Poll: Are you satisfied with your Districts support/resonse?

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