1. I want to go to Nursing school... but I really need to do it over the internet if at all possible b/c I need to keep my job. Is there any legitimate schools that can teach over the internet?
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  3. by   valk
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    You may want to look at these threads or go to student nurses forum. This section is for school nurses, not nursing schools.
    Good Luck.

  4. by   pointhope
    Actually there is no real way to learn nursing basics over the internet, because you will need hands on practice and immediate feedback for many issues.
    One option might be the path, which is long, that a friend of mine took for similar reasons to yours. He became a paramedic first. Then he worked in an emergency room using this certification. He worked at night and took a bridge program for paramedics who wanted to be nurses.
    As a second option, why not apply for a job as a "nurse tech" or "patient care tech" or "medical tech" (there called different things in different places). Many hospitals do on the job training for these positions. (Check with a local hospital to see if they do OJT for this position before you enroll in one of the schools that teach medical assisting) The hours vary for these jobs and this variety will allow you to attend school in a more successful venue. In addition, being a medical assistant will get you valuably close to the field where you eventally want to be. You will find many nurses who will help mentor you through your studies. There are lots of us who appreciate anyone who is trying really hard to help our the profession.
    If staying with your current position is related to finances, look for outside help with loans, grants. Ask the school where you will apply for help with this issue. Good luck and glad to have ya.