NYC School Nurse Hiring Process?

  1. Hi all,

    I am hoping to get some additional background on what the hiring and placement process is like for a NYC DOH/DOE School Nurse position as I'm attending an open interview day in a few weeks.

    I've looked around online and it looks like even though the interview is in April, official offers may not come until mid-summer, and the positions don't start until the new school year in September. Is that true? Also I saw you don't get your school placement until after you accept the offer? That seems frustrating as location of the school will determine whether I take this offer (I'm coming in from Jersey and a school in Queens or BK won't really work for me). Do they typically honor preferences?

    Also, what is the background/vetting process like?

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  3. by   Delancree
    Actually, it is very interesting that I came across this thread today. I just came from the career fair. It was held today April 21, 2017. I am not sure when or if they'll have another one for the year. If you get invited by email or phone, make sure you know what you are walking into.
    I was given an offer today. Here is the process in a nutshell.
    First, you must be there by 8 am, they waste no time with the process. You check in, and are given a folder with forms to fill out. There is a brief essay to write, where candidates talk about what qualifies them to work as school nurses, and what skills they think they need to excell on the job. Then you are escorted to a room where there is a presentation about the job itself and its benefits. The salary is mentioned right there and then. You are even given the chance to walk out if you want, because the salary SUCKS...and they know it. Once done, candidates are called in groups to go wait to be interviewed. Once called upon, you go to a room with about 6 tables, where at each table there are 2 nurses who will be conducting the interviews. Be prepared to answer questions like, tell me about a time you had a conflict and how u resolved it, solved a problem, went above and beyond for customer or patient, had to comply with authority...etc. All cliché questions that they are taking turns reading off a piece of paper. It lasts about 30 mns, depending on ur answers. Once that is done, you are then taken upstairs where you will be given a written test, 20 questions. The questions are mostly scenarios, like what you would do if a student was self medicating, if a parent brought a medication different from what you have a physician's order for, in what order you would see students with breathing, vomiting, glucose check, fever and paper cut. A couple of med math, simple things, but no phones allowed and no calculators are provided. M sure they change the questions each time. Make sure your unit conversions, multiplication and division skills are on point. Once testing is done, you go wait a bit. They call you once again to briefly interview with one borough supervisor who will go over the test results with you. Again this is done in a room with several stations where interviews are being conducted. Make sure you have rationales for ur answers if they are wrong. They ll listen. I had a nice African borough supervisor, so he agreed that some questions were confusing. He also asked me why i want the job because it pays so low, and asked me what makes me unique. At the end of this last interview, the sup tells you whether or not you are coming onboard, and shakes hands to congratulate you...when you leave that room, you are taken to HR where they tell you what is going to happen next, and set you up for a physical and stuff. Then you just wait until you get calls and emails about what to do next. Do not quit your job until the end of August when they ask you to report to your assigned school.

    Throughout the whole process, the salary topic was never off limits. That is one good thing about this fair.
    FYI, m not sure whether or not is legal to disclose this, but School Nurses with ADN get $38.68/hr, and those with BSN get $38.99. There are increments for RN experience, but not much. Your salary is spread out through 12 months, because you will get 4 checks for July and August even if u dont you are looking at $32.11 per hour throughout the year. Again, their salary SUCKs.

    I hope this post was helpful to some of you.
  4. by   MadelaineT
    I am currently working as a school nurse in Brooklyn, but through a staffing agency. I love the school where I am placed, and so was asking some of the DOE OSH staff that I have occasion to speak with, how to go about applying for the position that is obviously not permanently filled. I got some very vague answers, most of which led me to believe you don't get to choose as a new hire. One person said, "They do try to place you in or near where you live..." The school I'm at is not near where I live but I'd rather travel to a position I'm happy in than be miserable a few blocks away.

    At any rate, good luck!
  5. by   Delancree
    Hello there.
    The hiring process is uniform. You apply through their site and attend the event. You cannot apply directly to a school. The only way you could land the site of your choice with luck is to apply for a transfer to that particular site you want, after working for them for a year. If that site is still available, they ll probably give it to you. Unfortunately, they do not honor preferences. You will however be placed in a school in your borough. For example, if you live in Queens, you will be placed at a school in Queens. I have been covering a school for almost a year now working with an agency, i have a good relationship with the DOH supervisor and all, however, she told me that even though she d like to keep me at my current site, she is powerless when it comes to making that decision.
  6. by   Cc123c
    Hi everyone. Has anyone heard back from DOH? I was verbally offered a position at the April interview. Then I filled out the required online section. I haven't received a phone call, and my physical isn't scheduled until July, but I thought I would have heard something by now.
  7. by   Delancree
    I agree. You should have gotten a call for the processing part by now. Someone should be calling you soon for processing. I was told processing is where you bring hard copies of your credentials, such as RN license, CPR/BLS cert and etc...along with the packet you received from the fair. You might want to look over those forms and see what needs to be filled out. I received my call last week Friday 5/12/2017, so don't start worrying yet. If you want, send me a private message and I will provide you with the number of the rep who called me. Maybe she could help you shed some light on what is going on with your processing. Best of luck.
  8. by   Cc123c
    Thanks. I will give it until the end of the week until I start panicking. I just have my childcare situation up in the air depending on if this goes through or not. Im trying to plan as if I will be starting in september, but at the same time I dont want to make too many moves because they emphasized not to leave your old job until this was 100%. The whole waiting game is frustrating. Did they give you a start date?
  9. by   Delancree
    No they did not. I even asked my sup and she said all I can do now is wait for further instructions. It really is frustrating. You should plan your childcare according to school hours. 7_4. Heads up, some schools start at 7:30, like where I am now. I will wait patiently. Stop by and let us know how it goes OK.
  10. by   NewTooNYC
    Has anyone else received a phone call?? I have my physical scheduled for next week and did the online app, but still not call. When I tried calling them a few weeks ago to ask (because the paperwork said it should have come "simultaneously") they scoffed and said they weren't even close to making calls. I also got an email asking if I took the civil service exam, which I did not. Other than that, total radio silence. What is going on here?
  11. by   Cc123c
    I just got called today to schedule processing so don't feel bad.
  12. by   NewTooNYC
    Anyone hear anything about placements yet? I did my medical exam and compliance appointment back in early June, but radio silence since...
  13. by   Delancree
    For anyone who is thinking about becoming a school nurse with dohmh. After the processing, you ll get an email 3 days prior to the orientation start date. The orientation lasts 2 months, Monday through Friday 8-4:30 pm. Your first paycheck will be seen 6 weeks after orientstion date. Pay is biweekly. Orientation locations are 6 in total across NYC. Be prepared to travel and pay for parking. They still use paper time sheets that have to be mailed through the post office on Fridays after 4. Be prepared for calls from them that they did not get ur time sheet on time and ur pay will be affected... etc... during each training day, a lot of info is given, so bring a log book everyday. There are a lot of issues with signing up for things thru papers. So be prepared.
  14. by   Dwaynec
    Do you get the entire 6weeks pay or only 2weeks pay on your first pay check