Interview for school nurse position, Yikes

  1. Hello to all you school nurses. I don't usually post but had a burning question.

    I applied for a school nurse position and NOW I have an interview. I actually didn't think I was a good candidate as I don't have a BSN. I've heard the pros and cons of school nursing. Off when the kids are off (good I have 2 that go to school in the district I'm interviewing for) and the poor pay (actually comparable to what I'm making now in HH).

    But any advice on how to sell myself for this position?

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  3. by   shammy
    I had the interview on Friday. It was a panel of 6 people. 3 principals, 1 school nurse, and the assistant superintendent. It was definantly stressfull. They said they were interviewing 4 people for the position and would have a decision by at the latest this coming Friday.

    I can't wait to find out.

    But i have a question for all you experienced school nurses...these came from my interview.

    You have a child with ADHD who is acting out come to your office. HIs mom can't remember if he took his med in the AM. She says the doctor was thinking about increasing it so she says just to go ahead and give it. What do you do?

    The other one is a child who needs to urninate more frequently and eat small frequent meals throughout the day. The teacher feels that these are special previleges and does not want the child to be able to go to the bathroom so many times or eat in the class frequently. What do you do.

    There were other questions but I can't remember them now.
  4. by   slhsrn
    Sorry no one posted to your questions..... Hope you got the job!

    You didn't say what grades the job would cover, but I'll address the questions as best I can.

    1. The ADHD child who comes to your office, acting out..... I would not give more meds. At the very least I'd call the Dr. office and see what they recommend, plus you can get an order to increase the meds if that's the doctor's intention. Without a doctor's order, you're kinda stuck. At least, if you do nothing, the child will not have any adverse effects! The behavior can be dealt with.

    2. As the school nurse, YOU should have the last say in what is a medical issue. The teacher must be educated. This is a medical problem and must be accommodated. At the High School level, I give the child a pass that states the problem (Johnny has a medical condition that necessitates frequent bathroom use. Please allow him to use the bathroom as needed. ) If the teacher is resistant, reassure the teacher that if the pass is being abused that you will deal with it. I require a note from the parent or from the doctor before I will issue a pass. I have very rarely had a kid abuse the privilege because they know that it will be revoked and they NEED to use the bathroom.) If the teacher still resists, then the child may come to the Health Office to use the bathroom and eat. Period.

    Good luck!

    Karen Hanson, RN - Show Low, AZ
  5. by   shammy
    Well thanks for your reply.

    Your answers are pretty much what my answers were....

    And I DID get the position... I start on Tues!

    It is a split position.... 2 full days at an elementary school, 1/2 day at the high school And if the funding is found it may increase.

    I'm VERY excited!
  6. by   slhsrn
    Good for you!! Now the challenge will be to not be too overwhelmed. Best advice: Get the kids taken care of - the paperwork will follow.
    Post me a private reply if you'd like any help/advice