Equipment Question????

  1. Hi everyone!

    New school nurse here with another question for all you more seasoned professionals....

    My school desperately needs a new vision screening device. Has anyone used the new software that allows you to do your testing on a computer screen? It seems like a really great product and only costs around $300. My principal said he'd try to get me the $ to buy a new Optec machine (priced at $1600) but I'd like to be able to save the school some cash if possible.

    Also, does anyone use any type of student health management software? If so, what brand and would you recommend it?

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  3. by   bergren

    Do you get the Journal of School Nursing? Articles about software have appeared in the Information Technology column:

    Vessey, J. A. (2002). An evaluation of commercial school health software for use in multisite research studies. Journal of School Nursing. 18(2), 95-100.

    Bergren, M. D. (2001). HIPAA hoopla: Privacy and security of identifiable health information. Journal of School Nursing, 17(6), 336 - 341.

    Bergren, M. D. (1999). Legal issues: Office management practices. Journal of School Nursing, 15(3), 40 - 41.

    Bergren, M. D. (1999). Criteria for software evaluation: Legal issues. Journal of School Nursing, 15(2), 32-33.

    I wrote a chapter in a MUST HAVE book about legal issues in school health:

    Bergren, M. D. (2001). Electronic records and technology. In N. Schwab & M. Gelfman (Eds.) Legal issues in school health services: A resource for school nurses, administrators and attorneys. North Branch, MN: Sunrise River Press.

    I am not familiar with the vision testing product you are asking about.