Confidential Health Lists

  1. I began working in a new school district that has still been handing out typed Confidential Health Concerns lists to all teachers. My previous district had parents sign a permission form at registration to cover this. While I understand the need to know certain info, I'm reluctant to make up these lists and start passing them out. Any ideas, input??? Thanks much!
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  3. by   bergren
    You are doing th right thing by not putting multiple studnet names on a lsit to be distributed, but ensure that persons who are in a position to assist a student with serious health issues are aware of:
    1. How to recognize a problem
    2. What to do about it.

    I provided all teachers with an individual "care plan " for those symptoms and responses in the classroom. I ran that plan by the parent before sharing and asked who else should receive it. Parents inevitably wanted more people to have a copy than I would ahve thought of, very appropriately.

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  4. by   abrenrn
    Bergren - Thanks for all the information you provided. I will be starting as a school nurse next week - this wiill help a lot. I did school nursing several years ago in Florida (now in NYC) and we were expected to make up "Health needs awareness lists" - which always made me a bit uncomfortable but saw the need. BTW, in Florida I was the nurse for ten schools so didn't have too much time for some of what you recommended. Here I'll be assigned to one school.

    Off topic, I hear the "no nit policiy" is no longer recommended by NASN (read it on their web site). Is that what they do in your school?