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School Nurse Interview

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I have an interview Friday for a school nurse position and I'm told there will be several scenario type questions. I would love to know what to study for, I'm thinking: seizures, DM, asthma, head injury.... any other ideas? Thank you in advance!

I interviewed and was hired last year. The district gave me 6 scenarios and I was to choose 3 and then give my answer. I don't really remember any of then other then 1 of them and that was .... a known and usually medicated ADHD/ADD child is sent to the health room for unruly behavior in the classroom. You call the mom and she says she can't remember if she gave the student their medication that AM and she says - just go ahead and give him another 1/2 tab from their lunch supply as the MD is thinking about increasing the student's dose. What do you do?

To which my answer was I don't have an order to medicate student in the AM at that time and that we (the school) would need to find a way for student to work on school work and not disrupt the entire class - maybe a quiet room without distractions and then at the prescribed time medicate student with his prescribed medication. AND to teach mom that medicating student is really important and needs to get done EVERY day and problem solve with her some different ways to help her remember to medicate student.

But really I thought all the situations were easy to answer sitting in a room with a panel but it is a lot harder in reality when mom is PTA president or volunteers at the school a lot and/or is friends with the principal. Not impossible but difficult. Just my 2 cents.

Good luck wtih the interview.

Thanks for replying. I didnt think about reviewing ADHD and meds. I'll do that!



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They are looking for good judgement and comunication skills not detailed information. Best thing you can do is relax. Think what would you want the nurse to do if it was your kid. The people doing the interview will be looking for good nursing judgement.

The specfics for how to deal wth the problems of the various childhood diseases and injuries they probably will have proocols for and they will certainly review them with you after they hire you. They will hire you. School nurses are in short supply and you sound likea good nurse.

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