School and Employment Physical


Hi all, first post. I looked through the message boards and didn't see anything. Just curious with regard to employment physical along with nursing school if hypertension is a disqualifier. I am currently in the military transitioning and have been treated for HTN for the last few years. I spike at the doctors office (white coat) but have normal readings at home. Normal dr office BP for me medicated is in the 140-145/70-80. At home I average 116-130/60-70. I'm male and very physically fit. Low body fat. I get a full work up every year. Triglycerides and cholesterol all low. No issues except for the pesky hypertension and nerves at the doctors office. Would this be an issue for employment for nursing? Thank you all in advance.

side note my CBC has my hemoglobin at 13.2 and hematocrit at 38 for a male which is on the lower end. Saw a hematologist and was told it was pseudoanemia from being in shape and having more plasma dilution. Any issues there? I'm going from a field where I do these intense physicals to nursing so not sure what those entail if it's the same. Thank you.