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    The Oncology Nursing Society Foundation (ONS) provides scholarships to individuals who are interested in and committed to oncology nursing and pursuing a baccalaureate degree in nursing (BSN).

    Requirements (not all-inclusive)

    • Candidate must be enrolled for their senior year of a bachelor of nursing degree program (BSN)
    • The BSN program must be a CCNE or NLN-CNEA accredited School of Nursing in the 2021-2022 academic year (starting fall 2021)

    Eligibility (not all-inclusive)

    • Individuals who are currently licensed as an RN - Bachelors Scholarship for Registered Nurses
    • Individuals who are not currently licensed as an RN but have a bachelor's degree in another field - Bachelors Scholarship for Non-Registered Nurses
    • Individuals who do not currently hold an RN license and do not have a college degree - Applicant must be enrolled in the nursing component of the program - Bachelors for Non-Registered Nurses (High School)

    Scholarship Amounts

    • $3000 (min)
    • $5000 (max)
    • State Nationwide
    • Deadline 01/31/2021
    • Amount $5,000
    • Requirements Undergraduate, Transcript, Registered Nurse
    • Contact Oncology Nursing Society
      125 Enterprise Drive
      Pittsburgh, PA 15275
      Contact: Aly Kocon, Foundation Programs Coordinator
      email: akocon@onfgivesback.org
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