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  • Krziza Healthcare Education Scholarship

    From Lee Memorial Foundation

    The healthcare Scholarship funds are available to all students currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a healthcare program targeted by the scholarship fund and leading to an approved degree or certification. The selection committee of the Lee Memorial Foundation will decide eligibility and number of recipients per year.

    Last Update:
    • Apply Now!
    • State Michigan
    • Deadline 03/02/2019
    • Amount $5,000
    • Requirements 2.80
      High School, Undergraduate, Essay, Recommendations, Transcript, Specific School, US Citizenship
    • Contact Lee Memorial Foundation Administration
      420 West High Street
      Dowagiac, Michigan 49047

    Disclosure: We strive to provide accurate information, but we make no guarantees about the information. If you see something wrong please Send Us a Message. If you would like to add your Scholarship information please submit via our Scholarship Directory Request form.


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