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  • Alice Newell Joslyn Medical Scholarship

    From BECA Foundation

    Last Update:

    The BECA Foundation encourages and empowers aspiring Latino students to pursue higher education through financial and moral support.

    This award is for Hispanic/Latino students from San Diego County, California who are majoring in a health-related or medical field.


    • $500 (minimum)
    • $2,000 (maximum)

    Requirements/Eligibility (not all-inclusive)

    • Entering the Medical/Health Care profession I.e.; dental/medical assistant, nursing, physical therapist, OR
    • Seeking Bachelor of Science, Master's or Doctorate in the health field
    • Living or attending a high school or college in San Diego County at the time of application
    • Financial need
    • Scholastic determination
    • Community/cultural awareness
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Personal statement
    • Academic transcripts
    • Hispanic/Latino
    • Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) based on your Student Aid Report (SAR)
    • State California
    • Deadline 03/30/2021
    • Amount $2,000
    • Requirements High School, Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral, Essay, Recommendations, Transcript, Specific School, Financial Need, Work Commitment
    • Contact BECA Foundation
      P.O. Box 936
      830 E Grand Ave., Ste. B
      Escondido, CA 92033
    • Scholarship Application

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