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  • Aises Burlington North Santa Fe (BNSF) Foundation Scholarship

    From BSNF Railway

    Administered by AISES for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation (BNSF), this Scholarship is made available to American Indian high school seniors who reside in one of the 13 states serviced by the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Pacific Corporation and its affiliated companies.

    Last Update:
    • Apply Now!
    • State Nationwide
    • Deadline 03/30/2018
    • Amount $2,500
    • Requirements 2.50
      Undergraduate, Essay, Membership, Headshot, Recommendations, Transcript, Specific School
    • Contact American Indian Science and Engineering Society
      4263 Montgomery Blvd NE, Suite 200
      Albuquerque, NM 87109
      (505) 765-1052

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