Scholarship at Supervisors Expense


I have the opportunity to possibly get a scholarship that enables me to have a paid leave of absence while I go to school for my LPN. However I recently got into a little fender bender with a company car... though I have a good feeling I can avoid disciplinary action, my supervisor admittedly mistakenly put on my yearly evaluation (which is a check list) that I do not follow directions and that I do not keep her notified when I'm off grounds of what my status is among other VERY incriminating things to my case.... we both knew it had been a mistake because my evaluation was almost 3 weeks before the petty insignificant accident even happened.

I have a feeling that, though I will ask her to write a letter saying that she had made the mistake, that she wont because she is afraid of getting in trouble. I really don't want to have to write her up, but I'm afraid that this will be in favor of the panel that is trying to get me suspended for a scratch smaller than the tip of my thumbnail, which in turn makes me ineligible for the scholarship. If I write her up, I probably will lose friendship with the one supervisor that has always been there for me and got me the position in the first place. I could wait a year and then the disciplinary action on my record wouldn't matter for the scholarship, but I'm already going for my entrance test this wed... I'm so torn and stressed out over this entire situation I don't know what to do! I'm to the point where I'm willing to quit my job, take out a loan and just go to school and wait somewhere so I can get good tips to pay my small amount of bills. (I still live at home). I don't want to do that though because it's a full time job with great benefits... I'm going insane. I could really use some advice and encouragement. :o

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