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Scholarship Speech - Personal

So a little about me: I am a Doctorate of Nursing Practice student and I recently got awarded a Scholarship from a local nursing organization. I am just finishing my first semester of my graduate program. I am supposed to attend a dinner/networking social to be awarded my scholarship and give a speech about myself and my interests.

Now a little personal background:

I am 21 years old and the youngest in my program. I graduated with my BSN in August 2016 after having my daughter and turning 21. I have always wanted to be a Nurse Practitioner and would like to ultimately specialize in dermatology. My nursing journey was never easy. I had my first child at 18 with my now husband and I had an IUD put in immediately after to prevent pregnancy in nursing school. Except...the IUD failed after 2 1/2 years and we now have our six month old daughter :) I would not change anything for the world because I strongly believe that the reason I am able to push myself so hard is because I have the greatest motivation in life - my children. Despite my age and being a new nurse and other nurses in the program having years of experience, I am currently at the top of my class. Now I guess the reason why I am having trouble with my speech is because: Do I or do I not address my age? And I often am asked about my age and how should I appropriately respond if fellow NP's I meet ask? My fear is the stigma behind being young and inexperienced. I know I am capable of writing a speech that addresses my youth but still shows I am accomplished. However, I am nervous that once someone hears how young I am, that is going to be their only focus. How I present myself is very important because it will impact future opportunities (jobs, etc.).

Do you guys have any recommendations for me? What are your thoughts?


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