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1. What would you do if Mrs. Cross curled up in a tight ball and refused to talk or cooperate during a.m. care? What could you do to maintain her hygiene?

2. How would you feel about caring for a person with abnormal behaviour? Why?

3. How would you provide good oral hygiene if the client refused to cooperate because she was sure the staff was trying to poison her? What could you try that might be helpful?

4. How would you react if the client told you that she owned Disney World and went there for free anytime she wanted? How would you respond?

5. What would you do if the client told you she saw an elephant in the room? What would you say to her?

6. How would you approach the client when you enter her room? How would your knowledge about her mental health disorder affect your initial contact with her?

verene, MSN

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Homework assignment? It would be helpful if you shared some of your thoughts first before asking others to give information - particularly if this is a homework assignment for school.


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Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. They have to feel they can trust you. We worked on patients all the time about their hygiene. The patients had the worst dental hygiene and many refused to go to the dentist. We would help with their laundry and keep their room clean. We never denied that they saw elephants in their room. We would encourage them to engage in going outside and interact with others. Maybe have them take a PRN if they were agitated. The longer they know you  and can see that you are giving them a careful safe environment it will get a little easier. Hang in there. Schizophrenics if you can reach them were the sweetest patients to serve.