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schedule for fall


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here is a tentative schedule...tell me all what you think...

tuesdays- 9-11 lecture...12 -12:50 nursing seminar...................then i work a 2-6 shift(pm)

wednesdays- 11-12:50 lab..... clincals- 3-8:50

fri- 9-11 lecture.............then I work 2-10 on fridays and saturdays.....(only 20 hrs/week as a LPN)

so i have sun and mon and thurs off..........

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Sounds like a good schedule. I was in class or clinicals almost every day of the week throughout nursing school, including some weekends. Plus I worked about 4 days per week. 3 days off each week sounds like a dream.

That sounds like a great schedule. I'm going to be 6-7 days a week in fall with working pt and school ft

This doesn't sound too bad. During my first semester, I had class on Thursday night from 4 PM-8:45 PM, I had skills lab on Friday from 5 PM- 8 PM, and I had skills checkoff on Saturday from 8 AM- 5 PM. After skills lab and checkoff ended, I had class on Thursday from 4 PM- 8:45 PM, and clinical on Saturday from 7 AM- 7:30 PM.

This semester was divided into two eight week courses. The first was nursing 112, and the second was nursing 211. The schedule stayed the same for both of these classes. I had class Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 PM- 7:30 PM, and clinical Monday and Wednesday from 5:30 PM- 12:00 AM.

The summer semester is psych, and we have class on Monday from 4 PM- 9 PM and clinical on Saturday and Sunday from 7:45 AM- 7 PM.

First semester is all about time management, developing good study habits, learning to pace yourself, and really figuring out what works best for you. It's a time of adaptation, and it can be hard for some students. I found first semester to be easy, struggled a little during the first eight weeks of second semester, and rebounded during the second eight weeks of second semester. I currently don't find nursing school to be all that hard, but that could change any minute.

Good luck! Let us know how things go for you.

I won't find out my schedule until orientation which is in the end of June. Ugh. I'm hoping I can figure out a good work schedule to go along with with hetic nursing schedule. I chose night school...we shall see..

I find out my schedule May 4th, I work at a cafe Sat and Sun so it shouldn't be a problem UNLESS i have clinicals on the weekend, I don't know how common that is ...

I know my clinicals are on Saturdays but that's because I chose the night program...the day program at my school has clinicals during the week.