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SCFHS verification of license for CGFNS-CES

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Hi guys, I'm having big problem with my SCFHS verification of license. I've submitted my request last March 14. I called them after 2 days and an agent gave me a reference number for my case. I followed it up several times, but just this morning the customer care agent called me that I am blocklisted. I asked her how come I am blocklisted, I didnt do anything wrong in my entire stay in KSA. My documents were all authentic and verified by DATAFLOW. In fact, I have an active license until 2019. Also, I have an active mumaris account. So then I've verified it to

SCFHS web account and found my SCFHS ID number valid. She cannot tell me the exact reason why it was happened, she added that she is just the call agent in SCFHS. I dont know what to do really. I'm losing hope. Im so depressed! By the way, I submitted my request along with the 150SAR receipt, copy of my valid SCFHS ID and certificate. I didnt include a copy of my Good Ok maam Arn, current naman akong PRiority date, medical alang and interview nlng sa embassy this July. Sa Pinas na nako himuon kay pa-exit nKo dria saudi. certificate anymore. So, what might be the reason of my request status as claimed by that agent? If you happened to have any ideas about what is going on with my VOL please feel free to share your thoughts. And lastly, to those have the copy of the letter of announcement form by SCFHS regarding the verification of license Issue, that they no longer filling up any VOL form outside their parties, kindly send me at gdmdu30@yahoo.com. Thank you so much. God bless and more power. 😭😭😭