SCC Students Info on PO Med Check Offs

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Hi there,

Has anyone been through SCC Block One Med Check offs. I am just wondering what to expect. Also, how many students didn't pass on the first try?



Hey there...don't know if you've already done your PO check off, so this may be too late...

On my check off, we had to know what the med is for, what the classification is (anticoagulant, ACE inhibitor, loop diuretic), when you give it, when you hold it, and what to assess (ie on Lasix you're going to assess daily weights, I&O, BP). Some instructors may want the mechanism of action. But before you do any of that, you need to check the order and do the math, look at the patient's vitals to make sure you don't need to hold anything (ie hold Digoxin if the HR is less than 60 or greater than 100), and make sure it matches up to the MAR. Some of the instructors let you just talk and do it on your own, and others ask questions and prompt you for answers. And don't forget the 3 checks. I'd say about half our class didn't pass on the first try (I was one of them). It's definitely intimidating going in there in front of the instructors, because they're pretty much watching your every move.

So if you haven't done it yet, good luck!

Thank you so much! We do the check offs on Friday, so this is very helpful!

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