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Scared to take NCLEX!!!!!!

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well, i finally finished nursing school. now, i need to take nclex. i am preparing for the exam by doing kaplan complete online. my problem is that every pre-exam i have taken to see how i will do on nclex i have done really bad on. i am very discouraged at this point. i have always done well in school and somehow whenever i was faced with questions i was unsure about i was able to figure out the correct answer. now, it is like i have forgotten everything that i learned in nursing school. i don't know if it is b/c i am freaking out with these exams or just that i really have forgotten the information. the college i went to is very good and they did pretty well with preparing us for nclex. some students are having the same problem as me but then there are others who are doing amazing! so, now i am scared out of my mind thinking that i will never be able to pass nclex. i even caught myself imagining going back through nursing school again. has anyone felt like this before? am i really as lost as i think i am? as i said i am doing kaplan as soon as it arrives at my home, but will it be enough?? please help!!!!!

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I graduated from nursing school 18 months ago. Last week I

took NCLEX for the first time. Today I just found out I passed.

You have to have faith yourself. Those little doubts you have can

manifest into "I can't do this" and may set you up for failure.

You'll be surprised what knowledge you have retained, it's just

that you are talking yourself out of it. Try to dismiss those negative thoughts and work on "YES! I CAN DO THIS!".

Study your practice questions everyday and don't forget to give

yourself a little break. You don't want to burn yourself out either.

Most of all .....believe in yourself.

Good Luck with your NCLEX and take care....

:saint: :saint: :saint:

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