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Ok so I'm wanting to get into a nursing program either this coming up summer or next fall semester. I've heard some crazy stories about how hard it is to get in to nursing programs. gpa's seem to be phenomenonal and I've not always been the best student in the past. I mean I didn't fail classes or anything but have been not always the A B student.. I've had a few C's in my time.. I'm also Someone who switched majors... I was architecture at the University of Florida after I got my general A.A. At our local community college. I didn't like architecture and so decided to switch to nursing. Again going back to my grades I took chemistry 1&2 this past summer and got C's in the class (bad I know) and A's in the lab I've got good grades so far in my other pre req classes for nursing so I guess I'm just wondering how difficult it will be for me to get in to a program due to those C's in Chem (I'm also taking organic right now for another reason not related for nursing and it's killing my gpa if I get a C I will thank my lucky stars). Any advice/help is appreciated. I'm located in FL and will apply to a FL school. Which school would you teccomend me apply to? Do you think schools give priority to those who have quite a few credit hours under their belt already?

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