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Scared of the blister on my arm

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I just started in the ED as a NA about a week ago. Before that I trained on a floor for about a week. I always wear gloves and wash my hands often. I wash for a long time and about 3/4 of the way up my forearm.

Today I found a blister about the size of the head of a Q-tip just above where I wash my hands. It's clear fluid filled, but not itchy or irritated. It looks like Posion Ivy. I follow contact procautions always, but it's usually a while before we know it is MRSA or VRE so I rarely don the gown and mask.

Does anyone know the incubation period for MRSA of how it presents on the skin? I've never seen it, although I have taken care of people that had it. It's such a small spot that I'd feel silly running to the Dr. about it. I promise I'm not looking for medical advise, just what my level of concern should be.


Jolie, BSN

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You facility must have an employee/occupational health department. Make an appointment to be seen there prior to your next shift. They should be able to evaluate this without cost to you.

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